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Sunset, Fado and Tapas Walking Tour




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Sunset, Fado and Tapas Walking Tour

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5 hours

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Ramps and lifts are available

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English, Español

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Sunset, Fado and Tapas Walking Tour

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optional extras available

  • Add luggage
  • Pena Palace skip the line
  • Make it flexible
  • Hotel Pick Up / Drop Off
  • Rigaleira Skip-The-Line

We care about your comfort

The comfort and safety of our clients through tours and transfers is one of our key priorities. We provide high-quality technical maintenance and update our fleet on time to ensure trustworthy customer service.

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Сertified with the “Clean & Safe” seal to guarantee that we will comply with all mandatory hygiene and safety standards by WHO/ the National Tourist Authority in coordination with the General Directorate of Health.

What Experience Includes:
  • Driver
  • Water
  • Gift
  • Costs for lunch
  • Translator
  • Umbrella
  • Beer
Traveler tips:
  • take your documents
  • keep your wallet closer
  • light dress with some hat from sun
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