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Top-Visit Resort of Algarve Region, Perfect Blend of Adventure and Relaxation.


Albufeira is a quiet Portuguese town, safely keeping its traditional character and province charm.

Albufeira, Portugal, is a popular tourist destination in Algarve, right on the Atlantic coast. This charming small town is a perfect blend of magical beaches and Moorish architecture. In the beginning, Albufeira was a quiet fishing village with traditional character, but nowadays it's the main resort of the Faro region where thousands of visitors come every year for a perfect summer holiday. 

The main attraction of Albufeira is the picturesque beach area with golden sand and crystal clear blue sea. Altogether there are more than 20 different beaches with clear water for the perfect vacation. Additionally, there are all the opportunities for active water sports, such as snorkeling, diving, windsurfing, and jet skiing. As for the main beaches within the city, among them should be highlighted Peneco, Pescadores and Inatel.

Peneco is the most popular pristine Albufeira beach, close to the historical center of the city where it's possible to get only by going through a tunnel between the rocks. This is a large beach with great infrastructure and perfect clean sand. Near Peneco is Pescadores Beach, or "Fishermen's Beach" with great infrastructure for a good beach holiday. It's located in a picturesque area with a huge number of fishing boats and vessels, offering sightseeing tours along the city coast. Most often, boats are taken to explore the Benagil sea cave or to look at dolphins. As for the famous Ria Formosa Natural Park, it is better to set aside a whole day for exploration. 

Inatel is located in a small cove between the rocks. It is a perfect choice for those who prefer to stay outside of crowds. In a short drive distance, there are the beautiful Praia da Oura and Olhos da Água beaches, the panorama of which also deserves attention and time for visit. It is also recommended to visit Praia da Falésia, which is considered not only one of the best beaches in Portugal but also in the world. Just a 20-minute drive from the city you will find yourself on a 6 km long beach with excellent infrastructure and everything you need for an unforgettable holiday.

Albufeira is beautiful not only with its natural treasures, wide beaches, picturesque cliffs, and green parks but also with its architecture. The old town is an example of a traditional Portuguese style with snow-white houses, and narrow streets in the Moorish style with cozy open terrace cafes to relax, admiring the slow life of locals and tourists on vacations. 

As was said above, the historical part of the city is carried out in the Moorish style. As for the Moorish Arch, located on Travessa da Igreja Velha, it's another reminder of Arab influence. On Republic Square (Praça da República) you can see an archaeological museum with artifacts from the Roman, Visigothic, and Moorish periods. Also, there is a city art gallery with regular exhibitions throughout the season, a virtual archaeological museum, and a new marina, perfect for slow walks in the evening.

While walking through the city, it's highly recommended to visit the Church of San Sebastian as it's the most underrated cultural monument of Albufeira, created 

In the 18th century in Baroque style. The church is a combination of various architectural styles, creating its unique image. One more church of that period is 

Nossa Senhora da Conceição, dedicated to the Mother of God with her most valuable image. As for the Church of Santa Ana, it's famous for its beautiful baroque-style decoration and carved statues. This doorway was one of three entrance gates to the castle. It should be mentioned that Albufeira is not only a destination for the rest on the beach. It can also be a great choice for golf lovers to visit and stay in one of Albufeira's hotels with golf courses with stunning coastal views.


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All About Albufeira

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When to Visit

Albufeira is located near the Atlantic Ocean, and like all the places on the southern coast, is highly affected by the Gulf Stream. In common, Albufeira weather is quite moderate. It's warm in summer and cool in winter. The hottest months and peak tourist season here are July and August. This time the temperature may reach +30 °C.

But on average throughout summer months the temperature is only +23 °C. Still, the water warms up to +22 °C, so the conditions are comfortable for swimming. The weather conditions are perfect for strolling through local attractions without exhausting heat. In winter in Albufeira, the daytime air temperature rarely drops below +20 °C, and the water temperature is +16 °C.


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Getting Around

Albufeira is rather small, but it has everything for the comfortable stay of visitors of the city. There is a great public transport system to move around, and to the nearby places. Also, it's easy to rent a car and see the surrounding attractions on your own.

There are bus routes, composed of five lines with different colors, which make 168 stops around the city, so it’s easy to get close to the destination spot. The closest airport to Albufeira is located in Faro. There are numerous options to come here from Faro: by train, bus or taxi.

Most tourists who come to Portugal prefer to fly to Lisbon and spend a few days there to see the major attractions. After that, they can go to Albufeira by train or bus. The railway station is only 6 km from the city center. The road to the hotel from there would take approximately 10-15 minutes by bus or taxi.


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Travel Information

You can get an unforgettable experience while traveling in Albufeira if you consider a few simple Albufeira travel tips:

1. How do you make the first trip to Albufeira unforgettable?

The city is mainly known for its numerous pristine beaches, most of which are marked with the Blue Flag. But while coming here as a summer place, don't miss the historical attractions in Albufeira. Typical Moorish architectural style is the visit card of the Old City. 

In Albufeira, you can find something to suit every taste, visit a variety of excursions, crazy water parks, or play golf. Those who come on vacation with the whole family should visit the water park, which, in addition to a huge variety of slides, also has an excellent oceanarium where you can observe the life of marine inhabitants. An excellent place for a walk is the embankment with a beautiful view of both the water surface and the Portuguese Riviera, stretching over the ocean. As for Albufeira nightlife, the tourists would find a place for any taste among the huge choice of bars and clubs of the city, especially in the high season.

2. What is a list of Albufeira hidden gems?

If you're looking for some new experience while visiting Albufeira, pay attention to the theme parks, as the choice of them in this region is really good. There are constantly new options in Zoomarine Park with a mini-zoo and attractions with funny dolphins, seals, and wild bird shows. This year a few new rides were opened, so it's a great idea for the whole family to try the new Zoomarine Express, visit the Island of Treasures with a play area, splashes and pirates, and enjoy the water cannon at Aquasplash.

As for Parque Aventura, it's a great place for those who want to get a significant dose of adrenaline. This is a rope town with routes for both small and adult visitors. Funny active time being is guaranteed.

3. What dishes are the must-try in Albufeira? 

The local cuisine of Albufeira deserves special attention. The number of restaurants and cafes located on the beach or a little further from it is huge, and it's possible to find an option there for any taste. Throughout the coastal part of Portugal, the most popular ingredients in local restaurants are fresh fish and seafood. The seafood dishes are so variable that you can try a new one every day.

As for the signature dishes of the region, among them should be highlighted sardines in corn, mackerel cooked with tomatoes and oregano, kale soup, and grilled seafood. The local cuisine is a mixture of traditional Portuguese dishes prepared in a cataplana, as well as an international kitchen. And of course, the best accompaniment for dinner is a glass of local wine.


Top Attractions Near Albufeira

Explore Albufeira's excellent selection of attractions, from ancient historic wonders to vibrant cultural sightseeing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get clear and useful insider tips for the most common queries about Albufeira

What are the typical souvenirs to be bought in Albufeira?

Souvenirs, typical for the region, are locally made cork products, ceramics, and Portuguese tiles. A great idea for a present can be traditional Algarvian sweets like marzipan and other types of almond-based treats.

What is a list of the most popular activities in Albufeira?

Albufeira is a great place for those who choose active rest. There are a lot of available outdoor activities such as boat tours, water sports, and hiking along the Algarve region.


What are the most popular trips for a full day from Albufeira?

There are numerous options for the day trips. First of all, visit the historic town of Silves. One more great idea for the visit is Carvoeiro, the traditional village, presenting the vibrant culture of the region.