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  • Albufeira

    Portuguese coastal paradise, safely keeping its traditional character and province charm, the resort is a perfect blend of magical beaches and Moorish architecture. Albufeira is an unforgettable Mediterranean escape with stunning coastal views.

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  • Aveiro

    Ancient Portuguese city, famous for its numerous canals with boats called “moliceiros.” Aveiro with its colorful houses in the Art Nouveau style, decorated with azulejos tiles and salt mines, is an option to see unusual Portugal.

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  • Baleal

    The island with numerous opportunities for watersports is a place to explore the pristine beaches and surf. The history of Baleal is tightly connected with surfing, but its historical spots, such as the Chapel of Santo Estevão, also deserve attention.

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  • Batalha

    The destination, famous for the Dominican Monastery of Santa Maria da Vitória, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Batalha is a work of art with countless towers, impressive openwork balustrades, and impressive stone gargoyle gutters.

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  • Braga

    One of the most significant religious heritage sites of Portugal, this ancient city is a famous center of Catholicism. Braga is a city of contrasts, which combines history and vitality, the perfect choice for a one-day trip.

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  • Caldas da Rainha

    A picturesque wellness and spa center with a rich history, the region is perfect for a short trip. Historic thermal springs of Caldas da Rainha with rejuvenating baths are the first must-visit spot to feel the peaceful atmosphere of the place.

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  • Cascais

    The oceanfront resort town, both a seaport and a municipality nearby Lisbon, the destination attracts tourists around the year. Cascais with its history, nature, and pleasant warm atmosphere is a must-visit spot.

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  • Coimbra

    An ancient university city with a glorious past and famous historical attractions, the destination is a house to numerous medieval landmarks. Well-preserved cathedrals and monasteries of Coimbra are the witnesses to the coronation of the kings.

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  • Douro Valley

    One of the oldest wine regions in the World, the place is an amazing blend of history, culture, nature, and great wine. Douro Valley with its leisurely boat trips and terraced vineyards is an amazing destination to taste life without the fuss.

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  • Evora

    The spiritual center of Portugal, the city is a historical destination with the vibe of antiquity and legends. Being Portugal's timeless treasure, Evora impresses visitors with its rich history and wide list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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