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Evora Tours From Lisbon

Explore the ancient wonders of Portugal with variable Evora tours from Lisbon, such as the Roman Temple, the Gothic Cathedral, and the Chapel of Bones. Discover the rich cultural heritage of this UNESCO World Heritage site.



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Full-Day Trip in Evora from Lisbon

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the must-see attractions on a typical trip to Evora?

The list of must-see attractions in Evora includes the must-visit spot of the Roman Temple, also known as the Temple of Diana. The Gothic Evora Cathedral, the University of Évora and the Chapel of Bones are another architectural wonder here. Within a one day visit, it's possible to walk by the Giraldo Square and the Água de Prata Aqueduct.

What are the special events and festivals worth attending in Evora?

Evora is not only an object of historical value but also a place for festivals and cultural events. Here, there is an annually held Classical Music Festival with performances by renowned classical musicians and orchestras. Feira de São João, which takes place in June, is one of the oldest fairs in Portugal, with traditional music concerts, dance shows, food festivals, and various cultural activities for both adults and children.

Is Evora open for visitors all year round?

Evora is an excellent destination for a visit any time of the year, but there are seasonal peculiarities. Summer is the most popular and crowded time for visitors to come here with their kids. Spring and autumn have the most moderate and comfortable climates. Any time of the year, Evora offers many attractions, including the Roman Temple, Évora Cathedral, the Chapel of Bones, and various museums and historical sites, making it an appealing destination regardless of the season.

What are the best attractions for children to visit in Evora?

Evora is a good choice for those who come here with kids. Besides visiting the main historical sites, the public garden is perfect for a relaxing stroll, where kids can run around and play on a small playground. Additionally, there is the Silver Water Aqueduct, which is walking along. It can be an exciting adventure for kids, as they can see how water was transported to the city in ancient times. And make sure to try Portuguese pastries, which create delightful experiences for children.


What are the popular outdoor activities for tourists in Evora, except for its historical value?

Most visitors come to Evora to see its historical monuments and experience the atmosphere of an old Portuguese city. At the same time, those who come for a few days or have free time have access to a list of outdoor activities, such as hiking on numerous trails with breathtaking views and active cycling. Those who prefer calm activities and want to feel the city's atmosphere enjoy visiting the local restaurants and savoring local cuisine.

How much time is needed to explore Evora?

Evora is filled with architectural and historical treasures. To see all the major ones, visitors have to come here at least for one full day. Most of Evora's attractions are located in the city center. If you want to get a more extensive and deep spiritual experience, consider spending two days here. The itinerary of a one-day tour here is combined in the most convenient way to show all the major landmarks and create the best impression.

What is a list of Evora's hidden gems?

Except for well-known attractions, Evora also has numerous hidden attractions. Among them should be mentioned the dolmen of Anta Grande do Zambujeiro, a complex of seven six-meter-tall stones located 12 km from Évora. The rocks create a circle form, keeping their mysteries until our times. Before, they were probably used for cult rituals by representatives of an ancient culture that inhabited the Iberian Peninsula.

What dishes are the must-try in Evora?

Evora cuisine has local peculiarities, characterized by various wine and cheese species. Traditional Portuguese dishes should be mentioned, such as Alentejo pork, an unusual combination of pork and seafood. In addition, typical desserts are included in the local cuisine, such as torta de azeitão, a sponge cake with cream. One more traditional Portuguese dish in the restaurants is bread with olive oil and add-ons, such as boiled eggs, seafood, or herbs. 

How old is the Roman Temple in Evora?

Evora is a historical place with numerous ancient spots. Evora's most famous landmark, which attracts visitors, is the Temple of Diana, built in the 2nd century AD. Its composition consists of fourteen columns topped with Corinthian capitals, ideally kept to our days. This temple has quite a dark history, not so romantic as in the Middle Ages it was used as a gallows. Later, it was used as a slaughterhouse. The architectural monument was taken under protection in the 19th century and is now being opened to all visitors.

Is Evora safe to visit?

Yes, Evora is a small, historic city in Portugal known for its well-preserved architecture and cultural heritage. It is considered a safe tourist destination. However, like with any other travel destination, it is advisable to take into account the basic safety rules. It's always important to keep an eye on your belongings and avoid poorly lit areas at night. Overall, if you come here on a ready-made tour, follow the recommendations of the guides to explore the place.