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Obidos Tours From Lisbon

Discover the enchanting atmosphere of an old town with Obidos tours from Lisbon, walking through its well-preserved medieval castle. Choose exciting Óbidos tours to open up this must-see destination.



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Lisbon: Obidos, Peniche & Nazare Day Trip

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    9 hours

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Exceptional experience for foodies with One Day Tours. While traveling in Portugal, I got an authentic taste of the country from savoring wine in Setubal to exploring hidden spots of the region, every moment was a delight. I can't wait to embark on other adventures. Love it!


Richi Miller

Thank you, OneDayTours, for an adventure I'll never forget. Together with my husband we booked an experience to the iconic surfing sport of Portugal, combined with the most popular coastal cities, Peniche and Nazare, and got a great opportunity to see Portugal off the beaten paths. Don't miss your chance to try it!


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My journey with One Day Tours to Comporta was spectacular! If you've already seen all the major tourist attractions, choose this option to see the pristine beauty of Portugal. Time on the road flies fast thanks to the comfortable vehicles and friendly atmosphere. 100% unforgettable adventure.


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Andy Walker

Highly recommended! I truly enjoyed Lisbon's downtown walking tour. The guides are professional and funny. The itinerary is well-thought to the smallest detail. I had a short time in Lisbon but could fit in uncountable impressions thanks to the One Day Tours team. Wish you growth and thankful clients!:)


Olivia Carroll

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Obodos a safe destination for the visitors?

Yes, Obidos is a safe Portuguese destination. However, you should also consider your responsibility when considering safety measures. It's always important to keep an eye on your belongings and avoid poorly lit areas at night. Visitors should be attentive and courteous to avoid any troubles. This medieval city is perfect for exploration, and of course, it's a great spot to stay for more than one day. 

How much time is needed to explore Obidos?

Obidos is filled with architectural and historical treasures. Most of Obidos attractions are located in the city center. Visitors must come here at least for one full day to see all the major ones. Consider spending two days here for a more extensive and profound spiritual experience. The itinerary of a one-day tour here is combined in the most convenient way to show all the significant landmarks and create the best impression.

What are the must-see attractions of Obidos?

Obidos's must-visit spots include its historical heritage, which includes many ancient cathedrals with magnificent chapels. Most tourists who come here for the first time are interested in the Cathedral of Santa Maria. The Cathedral of St. James, built at the beginning of the 12th century, is another obligatory place to visit. The Church of St. John the Baptist is not far from it, with the elegant Chapel of St. Martin.

Is Obidos open for visitors all year round?

Like the rest of Portugal, Obidos can be visited yearly, but the best time depends on weather conditions and your preferences. The mildest and most pleasant weather is in spring and autumn, when there are blooming flowers around, and there are still no crowds of tourists. This time is ideal for exploring the town's streets and medieval charm. The summer period is the most touristy as most people come here with their kids. In addition to historical events, it's possible to attend numerous lively events like the Medieval Festival. Winter is the calmest period, perfect for slow and relaxed exploration.

Is Obidos a walkable city?

Obidos is tiny and cozy, so most visitors prefer to explore it on foot. Another popular option is to get a bicycle and explore the city and its surroundings. Walking and cycling are the most convenient and enjoyable ways to explore Obidos. The city is relatively small and can be explored for one day. If you come here within the ready-made tour, the itinerary is already perfectly created to make the process of walking around. 

What dishes are the must-try in Obidos?

Obidos is a region of Portugal that has local cuisine with varieties of fish and shrimp, such as “caldeirada,” according to a recipe from Lagoa de Obidos. Another speciality is local wine from the Oeste region, which best matches caldeirada. And, of course, the famous cherry liqueur is at the center of attention. Simply go to any bar or restaurant in the city, and you will find it there. Very often, it's served in a chocolate glass. Don't miss your opportunity to try local macarons made from fresh fruits and with various liqueurs (ginja) inside.

How do you make the first trip to Obidos unforgettable?

The must-visit spot is the Obidos Castle. The moors are walkable, and from there, incredible panoramas open up. Simply climb the fortress walls and explore the city from a bird' s-eye view. The first attraction is the Porta da Vila gate, richly decorated with ancient tiles. One more must-visit spot is Rua Direita, where you can buy local souvenirs. Then, follow to the Church of San Pedro and the Chapel of St. Martin. 

What is a list of Obidos hidden gems?

Obidos may not be as obvious a destination as it seems at first glance. Among Obidos, must-see places should be highlighted, such as the oldest city water supply. This aqueduct was built in the 16th century, providing water to the town. Nowadays, it's a picturesque backdrop for walks and photography. After seeing the historical center, it's recommended to go to Praia del Rey Beach, which is just a short drive from Obidos. In the warm summer, its pristine sands and dramatic cliffs can be a perfect spot for relaxation by the sea away from the crowds. Another spot is Aldeia da Mata Pequena, a small village in the countryside near Obidos.

Are there any must-visit events or festivals in Óbidos?

Yes, Obidos is a famous destination for numerous events and festivals. Medieval Market, which takes place in the summer, transforms the town into a bustling medieval village. Don't miss the Chocolate Festival in spring, with its mouth-watering chocolate creations from local chocolatiers. The Christmas Village is the third most famous event and a magical destination for all travellers.

What are the popular outdoor activities for tourists in Obidos, except for its historical value?

Most visitors come to Obidos to see its historical monuments and experience the atmosphere of the medieval Portuguese city. At the same time, those who come for a few days or have free time have access to a list of outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling or exploring other coastal cities nearby. The city has numerous restaurants with excellent local cuisine for calm and pleasant rest.