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An enchanting Portuguese destination with scenic coastal views, historical gems, and delicious regional seafood cuisine.


Setubal perfectly blends the natural and historical treasures with warm Portuguese hospitality, making it a great spot to discover Portugal for curious travelers.

Setubal is a classic medieval town located on the site of an ancient Roman settlement, whose ruins today are considered a historical monument of Portugal. It is located on the Setubal Peninsula, on the Atlantic coast, and is the administrative center of the district of the same name.

Its appearance perfectly matches the sights of different historical eras and styles. The city center, with its narrow, cozy streets with fountains, gardens, parks, shops, and national monuments of the country, is a perfect place for walking. 

Setubal is rich in natural attractions since, on one side, it is surrounded by national mountain parks, and on the other, it stands at the mouth of the picturesque Sado River. 

Although Setubal is not a big city, it is still the third-largest port in Portugal. It was found in 1249 at the mouth of the Sado River. In its place was the old Roman military camp of Cetobriga, destroyed by a tsunami in 412. 

At first, Setubal was a major supplier of salt to Europe, but the situation changed in the 15th century, during the Age of Discovery, when it became a major port for the country. 

In the period from 1481 to 1495, Setubal became the royal residence of João II, ruined in 1755 by a severe earthquake but then rebuilt.

Thousands of tourists are attracted here every year by the astonishing nature, the opportunity to try fresh fish and seafood, and the rich cultural and historical heritage of Setubal.

While being here, it's highly recommended to visit the Mercado do Livramento, located near Luis Todi Square. This amazingly atmospheric place is a perfect spot to buy fresh vegetables, fruits, and seafood.

Central Luis Todi Avenue is one more attraction to visit. This avenue, surrounded by lush greenery, has a wide and comfortable pedestrian path, perfect for walking. 

The avenue is more reminiscent of a park area than an ordinary city street. It's easy to get there, and additionally, there is paid parking near the avenue.

One of the must-visit attractions of Setubal is the Castle of Saint Philip, located on a hill in the upper part of the city. It was founded by Philip I at the end of the 16th century. 

The fortress has the shape of a five-pointed star. This form is considered to be the most effective to protect the settlement from attacks by enemies and pirates. The walls of the castle are decorated with 18th-century tiles.

One of the most picturesque sights of Setubal, which is always pointed out by locals, is the huge park area (11 thousand hectares of land and 5 thousand hectares of sea). It is located 40 km from the capital of Portugal, between Setubal and Sesimbra.

The park is notable, first of all, for the amazing Mediterranean vegetation that adorns the hills, and the close location of the ocean.


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All About Setubal

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When to Visit

The weather in Setúbal has a warm, mild climate, shaped by the warm Atlantic current. As a result, the climate in the region is warm and comfortable.

In winter, the average temperature in the daytime is +10°C, and in summer, it may vary from +25°C to +33°C. In spring and autumn, the weather is rainy, and the most rainy months are May and September. The weather is most favorable for visiting Setubal in the summer, just as it is for other coastal cities in Portugal. At this time, a refreshing breeze blows from the ocean, creating comfortable conditions for rest.

When we talk about the water temperature in Portugal, we should remember that it is quite low, only +17 °C. The Atlantic Ocean off the western coast of Portugal is noticeably colder than the Mediterranean Sea.

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Getting Around

There are several ways to get to Setubal from Lisbon. The easiest way is to get there by bus. For €6, all the volunteers can get one of Rede Expressos buses, which depart from Sete Rios station every hour.

One more option to get here from Lisbon is by train from Sete-Rios station. Travel time will fly by fast as there are comfortable double-decker Fertagus trains to get to Setubal.

To get from Lisbon to Setubal, it is possible by ferry, which operates from Terreiro do Paço.

If we talk about Setubal itself, the city has a well-developed public transport system. There are numerous bus routes from Sul do Tejo. The public road transport service serves the beaches of the municipality.

Bus number 4423 connects Setubal with Praia do Creiro. Bus number 4424 connects Praia da Figueirinha to Avenida Antero de Quental. Bus number 4425 goes to Praia de Albarquel.

As for the 4426, it connects the Brejos de Azeitão and Praia do Creiro routes

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Travel Information

You can get an unforgettable experience while traveling in Setubal if you consider a few simple Setubal travel tips:

1. How do you make the first trip to Setubal unforgettable?

Setubal is not only about architecture, as there are also interesting museums. The Museum of Archeology and Ethnography displays a collection of interesting exhibits, from the Paleolithic era to antiquity. The museum exhibits a collection dedicated to the history of fishing of local residents, starting with traditional fishing methods and methods of extracting salt. Here, the exhibition showcases some features of local forms of agriculture, including the cultivation of grapes and cork oak.

One more museum in the Church of Igreja de Jesus hosts an interesting Gallery of Art from the 16th century, which displays 14 beautiful panels from the altar of the church. 

But the main tourist attraction is Portinho da Arrábida Bay. People come here for beach rest and diving. A great option for the beach is to rent a boat and take a trip along the coast.

2. What is a list of Setubal hidden gems?

Setubal became a very popular tourist destination a few years ago thanks to the perfect mixture of historical, architectural, and natural attractions. The city stands on the site of an ancient Roman settlement, and its ruins are now considered a part of Portugal’s historical heritage.

Setubal’s hidden gem is its rich nature. On one side, national mountain parks surround it. On the other hand, it stands at the mouth of the picturesque Sado River. In the waters of this river live dolphins, which swim into the waters of this river every morning and evening to feast on river fish. The locals adore dolphins and consider them the smartest marine creatures. 

And although Setubal is not a resort town, to the west of it there is a wonderful beach called Portinho da Arrabida, protected from the cool northern winds by a mountain slope.

3. What dishes are the must-tries in Setubal? 

Setubal is located on the ocean shore, so it's mostly famous for its seafood cuisine. The local traditional dish is Caldeirada a setubalense. Since ancient times, this dish has been prepared by sailors and fishermen from the least valued fish on the local market. You can try it in one of the local restaurants as it's cooked by one classic recipe. 

The restaurant here serves the signature dish of freshly caught fish cooked over coals. One more popular dish is octopus. Typically, they prepare freshly caught seafood here by cooking it over an open fire without taking too long to maintain its natural freshness.

As an accompaniment to the dinner, don't miss the opportunity to try local wines.

Top Attractions Near Setubal

Explore Setubal's excellent selection of attractions, from ancient historic wonders to vibrant cultural sightseeing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get clear and helpful insider tips for the most common queries about Setubal

What types of accommodations are available in Setubal?

Setubal offers all types of accommodations for any budget. The visitors have a great choice of affordable guesthouses, beachfront properties, and luxury resorts to fit all their needs.

Where can tourists enjoy traditional Portuguese cuisine in Setubal?

The best restaurants in Setubal with panoramic views open their doors to all the volunteers. Try tapas, seafood, and local wines, and enjoy the atmosphere. Most of the spots provide an authentic taste of Portuguese culinary delights with a touch of regional spices.

What is the list of the most popular activities in Setubal?

Setubal is a great place for those who choose active rest. There are a lot of available outdoor activities, such as boat tours, water sports, and hiking.